Each week clients participate in specialized music, dance and drum therapy. 

Music Therapy

We have all heard the saying music is good for the soul. Well, at McCoy we truly believe that to be true. We offer clients one hour of music therapy a week in addition to the music during devotion and volunteers who come in and sing with our clients.

Also, we are participating in the music and memory program. We offer each of our clients their own personalized iPod to enjoy the much of their liking.


Drum Therapy 

Each week clients have a one hour drum therapy session with Walker Wright of Rejoicing Rhythms. Not only is the soothing sounds of the different drums beneficial to the clients this is just plain fun!

Rejoicing Rhythms was created to inspire joyful expression through recreational drumming. The program integrates group drumming with proven health strategies to help others maximize their joy and well-being regardless of their age, health, or special needs. Rejoicing Rhythms utilizes drums and percussion instruments to create a joyful, energizing time of recreation, creativity, expression, and wellness.


People in Motion

People in Motion, taught by Cynthia Brennan, RN and Melissa Turnage, BA, Arts in Medicine, is a dance program designed to address some of the major health concerns among adults. These globally identified health issues include fall prevention, depression, isolation, anxiety and decrease in activities of daily living… Over the past several years there have been several international studies on the positive effects of dance as prevention for some of these health issues.